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We are very pleased with Murray and Tammy’s work on fitting out our new stable and treatment facility.  The attention to detail, quality workmanship and strong work ethic are above and beyond what we expected.  In addition, Murray was able to offer suggestions on how to improve our original design leading to a safer, more ergonomic workplace and stables for us and our horses and patients.  We would not hesitate to recommend them to our friends and clients.
Olivia James
Brindabella Equine Veterinarians

"I am very happy with the quality of workmanship that Murray has put into my 2 horse angle load float. It’s good knowing that the person making the float has experience with horses, and therefore can make slight changes that horse owners will be happy with. I know I will get many years of good use out the float, and its safe for my horses"

Murrumbateman NSW

Just recently I have had stables built in my new shed.   I asked M and T Fabrications at Bungendore  to give me a quote.  The quote was reasonable and I went ahead with the job.  The  quality of the material and workmanship was of the highest quality.   I liked the attention to detail that Murray took from the installation of the automatic water troughs through to the tie up points and  rug racks.   I have received numerous positive comments from my clients about the stables.   I would strongly advise anyone wanting stables built to contact Murray.   You wont be disappointed.

Rob Cockburn
Robanash Equine Service and Training Stables.


"I use and trust Murray for all of my float maintenance and upgrades. Very happy with the exceptional service and reliability. Murray has offered useful and practical suggestions for upgrading safety and functional features of my float and is perfectly reliable for basic servicing from floor to suspension and even making replacement pins! Based on the quality and timeliness of work, I recommend them to anyone needing general welding or float repairs."

Alexa Furphy

To Whom it May Concern,

I  have used M&T Fabrications  to alter  and service a new Tender Deluxe Float I purchased in January 2009. Murray added many features that I felt were lacking and his workmanship, professionalism, helpfulness and puctuality were excellent. The  boards he added to my very slippery tailgate are still in excellent condition 3years later, and my horse really appreciates being able to feel his way out safely and slowly now. I also had Murray ad elastics to pin back the large bum bars that would hit me and my horse if the wind blew.
Murray made a custom built  a set of yards for my float and attached them, to my specifications and  at a very reasonable price. Murrays'  workmanship again was excellent. We ammended the yards to ensure they will not collapse as some other brands  all do. Murray added an interlocking system to the pin area, that stops the pins popping out if a horse goes under the yard and lifts them up. It also has sections on the legs to peg the yards into the ground, as well as 3 railings.
I am more than happy to recommend his work to any person wanting to have their horse floats serviced  or ask for improvements, as his work has always been spot on. I have serviced my float yearly, and also taken it to him when it appeared my electric brakes were not working correctly.

Jenny Andrews
EA Introductory Coach. EQ  2101568 


I asked M & T Fabrications to service my horse float, do some minor repairs and put on a rear storm cover. Murray was very professional, easy to talk to and really knew his stuff. His work was 5 star. He was also very competitively priced. M & T Fabrications will now be the only place I go for any float/trailer repairs/service.
Thanks to the M & T Fabrications team.

Regards Belinda from Canberra.


Hi all,
If you are reading this you are probably thinking of getting some work done by M&T for horse infrastructure or work on a float. I had M&T add a veranda and yards to my existing horse shelters and I could not be more happy with the work they did. I had quite a lot of ideas for what I wanted having worked for many years with less than ideal horse areas. With Murray’s professional and careful discussion and help I managed to work these ideas into an upgrade that is perfect and within a reasonable budget.
Murray jokes that my yards are mostly gates but he was understanding of what was required and helped me plan things extremely well. I now have three wonderful stable areas, one that can be opened into a double “foaling or sick” stable and three interconnecting yards. Murray gave a firm quote at the beginning of work and stuck to this which was good on our limited budget.

The team showed up to work on the days they said they’d be there. They worked solidly and returned to complete work in a reasonable timeframe. Even though there was a problem and the roofing sheets were short one in the delivered order Murray returned immediately and completed the work as soon as the missing sheet was supplied.

The best thing about the work is that these people are HORSE people. They know how dangerous leaving screws or bolts lying about can be. They understand you need to have your horse areas up and working again quickly so they manage their workload extremely well. They understand horse people and the finish is safe and reliable down to the last detail.
If I ever need work like this done again I know who I’ll call. M&T are just fantastic…………. I am so proud of my stable area and love showing off to riding students when they come for lessons.

Kate O’Connor( Dip Teach, NCAS/EA L1 Coach)


"After hearing a great deal of only good feedback about Murray's work, I decided to get him to erect a large garage, a machinery shed and stable block with yards.
  In the early stages, I found his communication and advice excellent. When it came to the work, I can't speak highly enough about the quality of his workmanship and his attention to detail. He was always prepared to do what was necessary to get the job done properly the first time.
 He also put in the extra effort in negotiating with suppliers to get the best deal for me on extras. Having seen the quality of his work on many other projects (including floats,yard panels, feeders and trailers) and the very reasonable costs he places on them, I have been highly recommending his work to anyone who asks me.
 I am more than happy to recommend Murray and Tam to anyone seeking to use their services.

Col Dahlenburg, Wamboin


I would recommend Murray's work to anyone seeking good, strong horse yards. Murray built me some awesome yards for my horses based just on some quick drawings and measurements I'd done.He provided me advice about size of materials to use and otherwise just got in and got the job done. I was really impressed at the quality of workmanship and attention to detail meaning there was nothing there for me to do but get in and start using the yards. Prompt, reliable, exceptional quality work and very good value for money.

Cheers, Pip


"I bought a reconditioned float from M & T Fabrications a year ago. Murray was happy to discuss any ideas or suggestions I had, and would work with me to produce exactly what I wanted. I found the cost of the trailercompared to brand new very comparable, plus with Murray's ideas we were able to improve on the float's old design. I would highly recommend M & T Fabrications." -

Sue Belton


We live in Gundaroo and have had M & T Fabrications do a few jobs on our property.  The first was modifying a shelter into 2 stables.  The most recent was a 9m x 4m shelter which was divided into two,  two hardwood yards, a small hardwood paddock and a steel mare & foal crush. In all the work I found Murray and Tam to be very helpful and their advice was excellent. I changed my mind a few times and nothing was too much trouble.  Pricing was competitive and the quality of the workmanship was excellent, we have had many people comment on the quality of workmanship of the recent shelter and hardwood fencing.

Murray was also happy to help me out with a few jobs that weren't part of the quote, namely fixing our cattle yards when a cow bent the metal railings. I would have no hesitation in recommending M & T Fabrications to anyone wanting quality work done.

Katrina Reisner, Gundaroo

HUUUUUUUUGE kudos to M&T Fabrications who did the fantastic job of making my old float look brand spanking new!
The work done is as follows:
 Most noticable thing obviously the new paint job, inside and out.
 The drawbar was filled in with checkerplate.
 The old hydrolic hitch (which was changed to electric some time ago but the hydrolic unit was still on) was taken off and a new snazzy hitch put on.
 Swing up jockey-wheel!
 The floor in the tack compartment was replaced.
 The tailgate ramp was replaced.
 The single spring originally on the tailgate, which was nowhere NEAR enough to lift the bloody thing, was replaced with 2 very new springs! I can lift the tailgate with one hand now!
 The front and side windows were replaced.
 The walls on either side, behind where the wheel arches are, were COMPLETEY rusted through. These were cut away and new sheets put in. I can’t believe the amount of rust, there were whole patches just missing.

Sam - Murrumbateman NSW


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